Caring The Airedale

This type of dog breed is a working dog and so it has the stamina and the needed strength. That is why he also needs a regular exercise daily which is walking. In terms of its loved activities, it includes swimming, retrieving, play and just goofing around. If you are the type of person that jogs for exercise, you can have the Airedale as your companion. Just be careful as it can tire you out. This dog breed should receive training so that it could learn socialization. Even if they are described as the breed that is great with kids and would like to play, they should learn how to do.

It is also good that you train them to be on the crate. It is a place for them as a refuge and a good place for them to be in while you are out of the house. Just do not forget that they are smart and they can make decisions for themselves. That is why it is best that you train them with positive reinforcement. Be patient and also be flexible and you could have a well-trained dog that has the free will to think. When it comes to their food, they need 1.5 – 2.5 cups of dry food in high quality in two meals a day.

The Airedale does not shed so much only there are certain times in a year. Keep their coat conditioned by brushing them once or twice in a week and you can bath them. Grooming is also one that you should do. Prevent the buildup of tartar in the teeth of your dog by brushing them 2-3 times a week. You can also do it daily. Check the ears every week for any sign of infection and trim the nails 1-2 times a month.