Airedale Characteristics

You should know your dog well so you know how to deal with them. If you know their chracteristivcs then you know what o prepare an how you can handle some situations. Your Airedale Terrier also is fond of digging just like other dogs. You may find them in the middle of your flowering garden. They will chase some small animals and would be barking naturally. This type of dog also wants to keep some treasures so you can check their hideout if your dirty sock is missing.

It could be your underwear or the toy of your child will be a target for collection. Make sure that you bring him out for a regular exercise. The breed is active all throughout their life and they are better in a house that has a yard in it. Be sure to have some fence if you can. That is because your dog could be protective of anyone in the house. When an intruder or unknown person would invade your home, your dog would be ready. This type of dog enjoys when he is inside the house together with the family and not in the yard tied alone.

That is why you can buy a crate for him to be his space and also a place for him to play while you are out. That is because he likes chewing and you might not expect what you will see when you get back. They are good wioth children and they can serve as babysitters but it is still advisable not to leave your dog and child unsupervised.